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Privacy Notice

Commitment to privacy
Your trust and privacy is our top priority. At marabuntamachindo.com, we ensure that we are committed to protecting your privacy as a customer and that we will respect you for providing you with information. About the case of using your code 1998 "Data protection law" of communication practices, in 2000 and 2003, we also fully agreed, "consumer protection (distance sales)," privacy and electronic communication rules, We will provide personal information.

This meaning,
Without your consent, we will never use your data for other companies, unless you permit us, we will not send marketing information to you.

Since you can cancel at any time, if you do not want to hear us, we will contact you to stop. The security of personal information is important to us and we are reasonable not to store the data over time.

E-mail address
When ordering or registering on this website you will be prompted to enter your email address. This is for the convenience of the user so that we can register and order the confirmation e-mail for you, furthermore for the work e-mail update.

If you do not wish to receive any future proposal, email please see the "My Account" section. Click "Edit Link communication option" and uncheck the appropriate boxes selected, promise that we will never share with third part Your information Your information.

Network security
Provide data for marabuntamachindo.com site for maximum sensitivity. Use advanced technology for encrypting data, and send maximum secure connection (SSL). Only each marabuntamachindo.com account data can be read on an authorized computer.

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