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Shipping & Returns

Check out our information, check out all details, such as shipping cost, delivery date, and the latest destination. In this case we can offer over 60 international cities, online ordering and purchasing clothes to our customers.

How do I deliver items?
Drop ship and harbor: 00: 00-20 All of our items are from Monday to Saturday 7.

What if I do not deliver?
We will try to provide express delivery parcels that it has on hand. If you would like to be a safe place with neighboring countries, leave your car please contact us when placing an order - when you send a comment field at the bottom of the order summary page, you tell us can do. We will have the door card to inform you that we are leaving your parcel.

Otherwise, when we work with you to achieve delivery, we leave the card to tell you what we have called. We usually next business day. If this does not suit you, please call the number, we will arrange for an alternate turnaround.

We will automatically update the status of the order after your package has delivered to your account. "My order history" to go to "My account" and click to track online orders.

If you choose the next day delivery in the UK, we will send a text message to confirm the delivery date and estimated delivery time.

Unfortunately, we do not provide e-mail or BFPO address, we can limit other zip codes in our view, before we buy, we will inform you .

Delayed delivery:
We are committed to provide the necessary agenda. Unfortunately, sometimes unavoidable circumstances make it impossible. We always promise to contact you if you have problems, as you know.

If you have any additional questions about delivery please contact our customer service

The right performance standard
Within 30 days from the day of delivery needs, refund within 14 days from the delivery date.

Return the goods, (our airport not included) our gallery 1. The best way to purchase online.

2. We will mail your order to us and go to your local post office. We can packaging to ensure the protection of your item during shipment.

Unfortunately, earrings and reward solutions, we can not accept packages are open to inviolability. This is for sanitary reasons, it does not affect your legal rights. We can not accept, it is modified or custom objects, etched.

We are committed to the cause we will not exchange or refund after breakdown or damage of accident, negligence or abuse.

Not on the same day, please note that there are three types of purchase price as issuers of such insurance cards. In such a case, our exhibition team and customer experience will tell you that you can update the situation.

Even if your legal rights are not affected, in order to provide defects and property, to fail, customers create customized products can not return. When the project is a measure of a large project, we do not have stocks, we will provide a direct order to lift your seller. In this case, if they want, you may not restore the goods, but if you encounter problems with your product or order, please contact us.

Cancel According to the Consumer Contract Law, you must cancel your order at any time and receive the item within 7 days. Delivery orders have the right to cancel the order without penalty if we were able to offer our level.

If you cancel the contract, we will refund the purchase price of the item, including shipping fee provided by special delivery service, and other services, if you canceled your order shipped and also I will. You are responsible for taking reasonable measures, which means that assets should be used to bear.

If you cancel your order, please contact us

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